Closing The Loop in Healthcare

Our Company

Loopback Analytics provides a platform for solution providers to cultivate markets for population-specific health services while acting as a neutral intermediary for data sharing across the health care continuum. This results in more effective care transitions with sustained clinical and financial efficacy.



Loopback Analytics supports the Walgreens WellTransitionsSM program to reduce preventable hospitalizations by connecting pharmacists with healthcare providers to ensure patients adhere to prescription requirements throughout the discharge period.

Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living, is the largest senior housing provider in the United States and currently operates more than 645 senior living, assisted living facilities and retirement communities across the nation. Brookdale relies on Loopback Analytics to support its efforts to incorporate evidenced-based assessment tools in the management of its facilities.

University of North Texas

Loopback Analytics works with the University of North Texas (UNT) Health Science Center, which has one of the largest multi-specialty group practices in the region, as the platform provider for the INTERACT (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) program. Established as a partnership between UNT Health Science Center, Florida Atlantic University and Brookdale Senior Living, INTERACT is a quality improvement intervention program that helps manage patient populations in senior living environments.

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) serves 30,000 students at sites throughout the beautiful sub-tropical southeast Florida region. FAU faculty are involved in many research projects such as Dr. Joseph Ouslander's Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers (known as INTERACT) quality improvement program which helps manage and reduce preventable hospitalizations in post-acute facilities. FAU has partnered with Loopback Analytics to explore the clinical and commercial utility of this approach.


Amerinet, a leading national healthcare solutions organization, has partnered with Loopback Analytics to offer a comprehensive Population Health Management solution that helps identify and manage at-risk patient populations, match interventions and improve clinical and financial outcomes.


MDR is a national health system consultancy led by a proven team of experienced health care executives from a number of disciplines. Loopback Analytics serves as the preferred platform from readmission management solutions that MDR recommends to its national client base.